About us






 Welcome to our training and research consultancy unit of TBRI, one of the largest medical research institutions in Egypt that continues to be in the forefront of world-class innovative research centres in developing countries.


To be the forefront institution which provides training and scientific consultancy in the field of parasitic and infectious diseases on the national, regional and international levels.


  In accordance with TBRI’s special consideration given to human resources development and their  technical           training as a basis for the technological progress  in all developing countries, the Training and Research Consultancy Unit  offers a wide range of scientific and technological training programs.

Moreover the unit

  • offers research consultations and the opportunity to use all TBRI’s advanced research equipment under
  • supervision of our highly trained personnel.

Requirements to attend the course

  1. Applicants who attend the programs should be holding a university degree or an equivalent degree pertaining to the training program applied for.
  2.  Applications should be made no later than one week before the start of the session desired.
  3.  Payment of subscription fees is to be done in advance by cash or check to the Training and Research Consultancy Unit of TBRI.
  • Special training programs onsite can be arranged to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.
  • Program's date is arranged upon agreement with the Department in charge.

For more information please contact:

                       Dr. Nevine S. Fam

                       Professor and Head Of Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

                       Director of Training and Research Consultancy Unit

                           Tel: 01005655520