Clinical Chemistry Department

  1-Theoretical Training on Quality and Competence of the Medical Laboratory:

     Course includes hands on training on quality controls results interpretation and common problems.

       Duration: 5 days

       Fees: 250 EGP for Egyptians/150 US $for non- Egyptians.


  2- Practical Course for Training on the Following Instruments:

- Chemiluminescence for performance of hormones, drugs, tumor markers….
-Training on three Auto-analysers for performance of different blood analytes: Beckman coulter CX5PRO,ILABArie and Beckman coulter AU 480.

- Potentiometric analysis of blood gases on ABG Gem Premiere 3000 instrument and on  ionseEGPctive electrode on I Lyte for sodium and potassium estimation.

- Two Spectrophotometers : ERMA INC and Robert Ridele 5010

- ELISA three plate-readers (Two stat fax2100 and chromate) and washer

- Training on manual performance of the different blood analytes and manual ELISA performance.

         Duration: 5 days

        Fees: 500 EGP for Egyptians/ 300 US $for non- Egyptians

Microbiology Department


1- Microbiological Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

The course includes training on culture of different clinical specimens(urine, stools, pus ,etc.), blood and other body fluids using conventional culture techniques and automated systems: Bact/ALERT and BACTEC 9050; identification of clinical isolates to the species level using the
 Analytical Profile Index (API) and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of isolates

     Duration: 5 days

     Fees: 1000 EGP for Egyptians/ $ 250 for non-Egyptians


2- Bacterial and Fungal Cultures on Automated Instruments

Course includes culture, species identification, antimicrobial susceptibility
 testing and recording of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) 
of different antibiotics by VITEK2 automated system”                                                      

      Duration: 5 days

      Fees: 2000 EGP for Egyptians/ $ 400 for non-Egyptians


3- Guidelines on microbiological specimen collection and transport

     Duration: 3 days    

     Fees: 300 EGP for Egyptians/ $ 100 for non-Egyptians


4- Detection of Multidrug Resistant bacteria using Phenotypic and molecular methods 

     Duration: 5 days    

     Fees: 6000 EGP for Egyptians/ $ 1000 for non-Egyptians

Electron Microscopy Department


1-    Electron Microscope in Visualization of Nanoparticles

 The course focuses on the EM techniques and how to examine the nanoparticles by EM

        Duration: 6 days

        Fees: 1200 EGP for Egyptians /800US $ for non Egyptians


2-    Immunoelectron Labeling in Research and Diagnosis
The course explains the technique of immunoelectron microscopy and its role in evaluation of infectious diseases

       Duration: 6 days

      Fees: 1200 EGP for Egyptians /800US $ for non Egyptians


3-    Value of Electron Microscopy in Research and Early Diagnosis of Disease

 The course focuses on the techniques and personnel experience of the department in research using EM

 Also it highlights the value of EM in the detection of cellular changes for early diagnosis of diseases.

      Duration: 6 days 

      Fees: 1200 EGP for Egyptians /800US $ for non-Egyptians


4-    Electron Microscopy and Parasitic Diseases

The course focuses on the techniques and the study of parasites using EM 

     Duration: 6 days 

     Fees: 1200 EGP for Egyptians /800US $ for non-Egyptians

Pathology Department

1-    Immunohistochemical and Cell Image Analysis of Tissue Samples

                 Duration: 2 weeks

                Fees: 1000 EGP for Egyptians /600 US$ for non-Egyptians


2-     Procedures and Technical Points in Cytology and FNA of body fluids.

               Duration: 2 weeks

               Fees: 500 EGP for Egyptians /300 US$ for non-Egyptians


3-    Techniques of Tissue Processing

Course includes techniques of  embedding, fxation, cutting and different stains for routine study.

            Duration: 2 weeks

            Fees: 1000 EGP for Egyptians /400 US$ for non-Egyptians


4-    Techniques and Procedures of Immunohistochemical Stains.

           Duration: 2 weeks:

           Fees: 1000EGP for Egyptians /200US$ for non-Egyptians


5-    Techniques and Preparation of Frozen Sections and their Staining.

          Duration: 2 weeks

          Fees: 1000 EGP for Egyptians /200US$ for non-Egyptians


6-    Cell Image Analysis of Tissue Specimens.

         Duration: 2 weeks

        Fees: 1000EGP for Egyptians /200US$ for non-Egyptians


7-    Fluorescent in-situ hybridization technique (FISH)

       Duration: 2 week 

       Fees: 2000EGP for Egyptians /400US$ for non-Egyptians

Haemetology Department


1-Basic Laboratory Hematology

This course is intended to provide the participant with the necessary basic training in hematology  laboratory techniques under the supervision of highly experienced specialists Course topics include: Automated blood cell counters (principles & histograms), Interpretation of CBC, diagnostic approach to anemia, red blood cell morphology, screening tests for hemolytic anemia and screening coagulation Practical training includes: Operating automated blood cell counters, blood smear preparation and staining Microscopic slide examination of various RBCs morphology, ESR, Screening tests of hemolytic anemia: (Reticulocyte staining and count, Coomb's test (direct and indirect), Sickle test, Osmotic fragility test), Morphologic examination of mature and immature WBCs, Morphologic examination of normal and megaloblastic erythropoiesis, Coagulation profile: PT, PTT and bleeding time

     Duration: 5 days

     Fees: Egyptians 500 EGP /200 US$ for non-Egyptians


2-Principal Blood Bank Techniques:

This course will offer the trainee the essential training in blood bank techniques. With completion of the course, the trainee will be able to carry out these techniques on an experienced level. The course includes training on:

·  Blood groups & Rh testing

·  Blood donation

·  Serological examination of donated blood ( HCV, HBV, HIV& syphilis) by ELISA &chemiluminescence techniques

·  Cross matching procedure (manual & card methods)

·  Preparation of packed RBCs

·  Preparation of FFP

·  Preparation of platelet concentrate

·  Preparation of cryoprecipitate                                                                        

      Duration: 5 days                                                                                                                                                 

      Fees: Egyptians 500 EGP/ non-Egyptians 200 US$

3-Thrombosis and Hemostasis:

During this course, participants will acquire clinical and basic knowledge in this field. The course is also eligible for a senior hematologist looking for updated information.

Course topics include:

·  Current concepts of the coagulation system

·  Control of coagulation

·  Hemostasis in patients with impaired liver function

·  Venous thrombosis: manifestations, diagnosis and therapy

·  How to approach a patient with bleeding

·  How to approach a patient with venous thrombosis

·  Platelet disorders

·  DIC identification and diagnosis

·  Novel antithrombotic drugs

Practical training:

Measuring PT, PTT and TT, coagulation factor assays and D- dimer level by semi and fully automated coagulometers.

     Duration: 5 days

     Fees: Egyptians 750 EGP/ non-Egyptians 300 $

4-Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC):

This course covers a wide range of topics from basic science to clinical aspects including HSC biology, separation and use in hematological and non-hematological diseases.

Course topics include:

·  HSC biology

·  Methods of HSC collection

·  Identification of HSC

·  Comparison with other sources of stem cells

·  HSC transplantation in hematological diseases

·  HSC therapy in non-hematological diseases

  Practical training:

·  Separation of HSC by fully automated closed system cell separator

·  Identification of HSC by flow cytometry

     Duration: 5 days

     Fees: Egyptians 1500 L.E/ non Egyptians 500 $