Biochemistry Department



1-    Extraction Methods for Nucleic Acids (DNA and RNA) from Biological Samples

The course includes principles, materiasl and reagents as well as demonstration and practical application of the methods
Duration:  10 days
Fees: 600 EGP for Egyptians/ 600 US$ for non Egyptians

2-    Applications of PCR and Quantitative RT-PCR for Diagnosis of Pathogens:

The course includes definition and principle of PCR and different applications of PCR in diagnosis of infectious diseases, cancer and genetic abnormalities.
      Duration:  10days
      Fees: 1000 EGP for Egyptians/ 1000 US$ for non Egyptian candidates


3-    Cloning and Expression of Recombinant Proteins:

candidates will learn the method of isolation of the target regions in the RNA/DNA genome by specific primers, cloning of PCR product into an expression vector , transformation of the clone into an appropriate bacterial host cell, induction and expression of the proteins of the cloned genes and purification of the expressed proteins by affinity chromatography
     Duration:  10days
     Fees: 1000 EGP for Egyptians/ 1000 US$ for non-Egyptians


4-    Determination of SNPs Associated with Different Genetic Diseases (il 28,  il 4):

candidates will learn the meaning and significance of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP ,pronounced snip,plural snips)and the analytical methods used  to discover known snips and how to discover novel SNPs including the use of real time PCR
     Duration:  10days
     Fees:  600 EGP for Egyptians/ 600 US$ for non-Egyptians


Prof. Mohamed Abbas Shemis




Medicinal Chemistry Department

Extraction and Isolation of Active Ingredients from Medicinal Plants and  Evaluation of their Biological Activities

The course includes chromatographic isolation of chemical constituents from bioactive medicinal plants using different methods as HPLC, glass columns, paper chromatography, thin layer chromatography using different adsorbents as silica gel, polyamide, sephadex .

 Identification of the chemical structure of the isolated compound using different spectroscopic analysis as mass spectroscopy, proton and carbon nuclear magnetic resonance, ultraviolet and infrared radiation techniques will also be studied.

Assessment of   the different biological activities as antioxidant techniques, antimicrobial and measuring cytotoxicity using brine shrimp method will also be performed.

     Duration:  10 days

    Fees:  1000 EGP for Egyptians / 150$ for non-Egyptians