Medical Malacology Department


1-    Snails Identification by Using Different Methods

The course includes identification of snails by morphology, anatomy and PCR methods.

2-    Methods of Snails Collection

      from natural habitat, transportation to the lab and examination

forcercarial shedding, identification of cercariae 

3-  Snail Control by Using Biological and Chemical  Methods

4-  Ecological  Data

    a- Chemical  analysis for water sulphides, dissolved oxygen, etc.
    b- Physical  parameters such as temp, ph, turbidity, conductivity, velocity of water.

    c- Identification the flora and fauna.

5- Cercariometry using 2 methods:

    a- Mice infection 

    b- Centrifugation.

6-  Maintaining and Breeding snails.

7-  Snails Infection and examination for Cercarial Shedding.

8- Mollsucicidal Activity of Compounds and Plant Extracts at Lab or at Snail Research Station

       Fees/ course: 3000EGP for Egyptians/500 US$ for non Egyptians

Environmental Research Department


1-     Evaluation of Toxicity of Molluscicides :

The course includes evaluation of the applied and promising molluscicides of chemical and natural origins on both target and non-target organisms and environment

      Duration: 5 days

     Fees: 1000EGP for Egyptians/125US$ for non Egyptians


2-     Ecological Assessment of  Irrigation Systems:

The course includes assessment of canals and agricultural drainage systems and recording their transmission status for parasitic diseases as schistosomiasis and fascioliasis

     Duration: 7 days

     Fees: 2000 EGP for Egyptians/250 US$ for non Egyptians