To be a distinguished center in parasitological research, providing high quality research at both diagnostic and treatment levels


 To provide a high quality of diagnostic laboratory service in an effective and timely manner in addition to develop new diagnostic techniques for endemic parasitic diseases 

  Head of the Laboratory

  Former Heads And Staff Members

Former Heads

Emeritus Prof. Hessien El Nahal 

Emeritus Prof. Soad Ismail     

Emeritus Prof. Nemait Amr 

Emeritus Prof. Hoda Yakoub Sabry 

Emeritus Prof. Maisa Ahmed Shalaby 


Staff Members

Emeritus Prof.  Amal Mohamed Abdou

Emeritus Prof. Fatem Ramzy Guirguis

Emeritus Prof. Soheir Sayed Mohammed Mahmoud

Emeritus Prof. Zeinab Hassanien Fahmy

Emeritus Prof. Mohamed Abdel Gayid

Emeritus Prof. Eman Aly Muostafa

Emeritus Assistant.Prof. Wafaa Mohamed Abdel Fatah

Emeritus Assistant.Prof. Eman Ahmed Hassan

Prof. Nevine Guirguis Nessim

Prof. Samia William Abdel Sayed

Prof. Tarek Mahmoud Diab

Prof. Rabab El-Sayed Mohamed

Ass.Prof. Gehan Labib Hafez

Ass.Prof. Azza Moustafa Fahmy

Lecturer: Shimaa Shaker

Lecturer: Hagar Fathy

Lecturer: Eman EL-Shabrawy

Ass. Lecturer: Shimaa Fouad

Ass. Lecturer: Mena El Rahman Ahmed Fahmy

Specialist: Al-Zahraa Mosallam Awadallah

Specialist: Reem Ahmed El Sheik

Specialist: May Abdel Wehab Mohamed

Specialist: Shaimaa Fathy Foud

Specialist: Pola Robil Michael

Specialist: Noran Abd El Nasser Al Brolos

Specialist: Maha Taalat El Hanafy Mahmoud

  Field of Research

a.Implementation and update of diagnostic techniques in managing endemic parasitic infections and their complications.

b- Evaluation and monitoring of drug efficacies and emergence of resistance

c- Development of new candidate vaccines against parasites.

d- Implications of molecular techniques in medical parasitological studies.

e- Utilization of nanotechonology in various research fields.

  Main Achievements

 a. Three innovative prototypes were submitted to the Egypian Patency Office, Academy of Scientfic Research and Technology:

The establishment of a nano-chip as a rapid and multiple detector to diagnose parasites. Patency is pending (submitted in 2017, no. 837). PI: Prof. Ibrahim R. Aly

 •      Web-based Diagnosis of parasitic diseases using I-Phone. Temporary patency is issued(submitted in 2016, no. 16). PI: Associate Prof. Gehan Labib Hafez, Associate Prof. Rabab Sayed Zalat and Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Aly

 •    Preparation of Single-domain antibodies and graphene coated magnetic metal nanoparticles. Patency is pending (submitted in 2015, no. 14/235). PI: Prof. Ibrahim R. Aly

b.       Identification, characterization and preparation of target antigens of different parasites of medical importance and using them in both diagnosis and treatment of these parasites.

c.      Evaluation of newly introduced  drugs and purified plant extracts as antiparasitic agents

d.       Application of newly introduced molecular techniques in the diagnosis of endemic parasites


  Running Techniques

  • Services

A. Routine urine and stool microscopic examinations using different parasitological techniques.

B. Introduction of special new techniques for stool analysis as parasep faecal concentration technique including

  • Diagnosis and identification of different opportunistic protozoa in stool samples using different staining techniques including Zeihl Neelsen, Modified acid fast, Trichrome and modified trichrome as well as Safranine stains.

  • Performing special staining methods or culture media for detection of newly emerging protozoa (D. fragilis & B. hominis) as Giemsa stain

  • Applying special stains for detection of protozoa as Safranine Stain & Auramine Rhodamine  Stains.

D. Field surveys using specific parasitological techniques including nucleopore filtration of urine for S. haematobium ova, Kato technique for different parasitic ova in stool and Negrosine technique for different parasitic ova in stool.

E. Diagnosis of different parasites and protozoa in stool samples using immunoparasitological assays (our lab prepared assays or newly introduced kits) including:-

  • ELISA kits for detection of circulating parasitic antigens in patients' sera as well as copro-antigens in patients' stool Merifluor immunofluorescent stain.

  • Applying a modified method for the direct wet mount preparation for better and clear identification of parasites.

F. Periodic parasitological examination of personnel and workers in different labs, especially those subjected to contamination with biological materials.


  • Research               

A. Standard experimental parasitological examinations to measure the intensity of schistosomal infection and morbidity including:

  • Worm perfusion to count the number of worms present in liver and intestine of infected mice.

  • Ova count in tissues (liver and intestine)

  • Oogram pattern (counting different developmental stages of the parasites' ova in small intestine.

B. Identification, characterization and preparation of target antigens of different parasites of  medical  importance  in large amounts  using  molecular  biological tools and applying it in:-

  • Development of simple, sensitive, less time consuming and cheap kits using nanotechnology for diagnosis of different multiple parasites (as ELISA plate, coated by different antigens) (screening test).

  • Production of highly sensitive and specific antibodies against these target antigens using phage display technique and applying it in diagnostic kits.

  • Development of candidate vaccines.

  • Production of nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for targeting of parasitic infections.

  • Development of a quick diagnostic strip kit for field surveys (running) from rabbits, on strip or ring, for the detection of Copro-antigens of different parasites (Schistosoma and Fasciola to start with..) could be applied commercially.

C. Tissue culture unit which is used in:-

  • In vitro culture of parasites for immunolocalization studies

  • Maintenance of life cycle of some parasites and protozoa (Schistosoma, Toxoplasma, Cryptospordium and Blastocystis) and production of target antigens and biological materials secreted from these parasites.

  • Evaluation of antiparasitic efficacy of newly introduced drugs and plant extracts as well as classical drug treatment either alone or combined with other materials including anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic agents, natural and newly introduced synthetic compounds.

  • Evaluation of different vaccines against parasites


  Laboratory Structure and Facilities

The department consists of two research laboratories and one outpatient clinic laboratory equipped with basic facilities for parasitological tests including laminar flow, water purification system, water bath, perfusion system, balances, centrifuge, PCR device, FTIR-Spectroscopy, SDS-Electrophoresis, Immunoblot, binocular light microscope, digital microscope, florescent microscope, stereo microscope, CO2 incubator and Electroborator.

  Training facilities

a. Annual training program for laboratory personnels working on the diagnosis of parasitic diseases.

b. Two weeks rotation program in the outpatient parasitology lab for Faculty of Medicine and Science undergraduate students.

c.  Annual teaching of parasitology course for TBRI nursing school students.

  Scope of Services

The policy of the department is to analyze urine and stool samples of immuncompetent and immunocomprornised patients using different parasitological techniques for both inpatients and outpatients. Also, to perform monthly statistical analysis for data.

The scope of services offered by the department focus on:

a. Gastrointestinal diseases, urinary tract infections, Some blood stream parasites (e.g. toxoplasma), Fever of unknown origin, Post-surgical parasitic infections as well as infections related to compromised immunity in hepatic and chronic renal patients.

b.  Monitoring of drug efficacy and emergence of drug resistance parasitic isolates (strains) including Schistosomiasis mansoni and hematobium, Fascioliasis (hepatica and gigantica) and Protozoa e.g., Entamebia species (histolytica and dispar).


 Internal research projects:

Nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for targeting of schistosomiasis and fascioliasis. PI: Prof. Ibrahim Aly (2011)

The pathophysiological variability of different Blastocystis hominis isolates in experimental animals. PI: Prof. Soad Ismail (2013)

Evaluation of some herbal Egyptian plants in treatment of some protozoal infections in experimental animals. PI:  Prof. Naimat Amer (2013)

Blastocystis hominis: Diagnosis, genomic analysis and in vitro treatment, with impact on the pathophysiological variability of different Blastocystis hominis isolates in experimental animals. PI: Prof. Soad Ismail (2014)

Novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools in marine models of hepato cellar   carcinoma a pilot study. PI: Prof. Eman El-Ahwany (2015)

Efficacy of the anti-parasitic agents mefloquine against schistosomiasis: in-vivo study. PI: Prof. Soad Ismail (2015)

Detection of infective stages of medically important parasites contaminating water bodies. PI: Prof. Sohair Sayed Mohammed (2016)

Effect of synthetic and natural agents on molecularly characterized cryptosporidium species: an experimental model. PI: Prof. Hoda Sabry (2016)

Potential role of Cryptosporidium in triggering intestinal neoplasia in a mouse model. PI: Prof. Maisa Ahmed Shalaby (2016)

Molecular and Immunohistochemical detection of Cryptosporidium-induced intestinal tissue alterations in dexamethasone treated &untreated mice. PI:  Prof. Naimat Amer (2016) 



    External Projects:    


 American University in Cairo: Nanoparticles as a delivery system for targeting Schistosomiasis and Fascioliasis: A pilot study using Nanotechnology and bioinformatics. PI: Prof. Suher Zada (2010)

El- Jameel center for Science and Technology & the American University in Cairo: Cloning expression of target antigen (Cathepsin L1&L2) from Schistosoma mansoni and Fasciola gigantica. PI: Prof. Suher Zada (2010)

Project STDF, ID 1454: Development of production and pegylation of interferon alpha. PI: Prof. Ehab El-Dabaa Mohammed Sabry (2010)

Egyptian and French Collaboration project (Lyon University): Development and evaluation of immunoblot and immunochromatography test kits for the diagnosis of helminthic infections in Egypt. PI: Prof. Ibrahim Rabie (2011)

Ministry of Scientific research: Nanotechnology based drug delivery for treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. PI: Prof. Mohammed Abbas Shemis (2011).

American University in Cairo: Treg cells, a new lymphocyte subpopulation with a key role in the immuno response against Schistosoma mansoni infection. PI: Prof. Suher Zada (2014)

A novel Nanotechnology based approach for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases using multiple nano- chip. PI: Prof. Ibrahim Rabie (2017)


Publications in the Last Ten Years


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In Press, Accepted ManuscriptWhat are Accepted Manuscript  articles?

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