Information, Documentation and Decision Support Center

The Information, Documentation and Decision Support Center of The Theodor Bilharz Research Institute was established in 2003 and equipped with the latest devices and linked to the Internet for information to keep pace with modern technological development and support the center's ability to provide services to all laboratories, research departments and various departments of the institute.

The center includes a modern medical scientific library that provides all library services such as internal and external borrowing, reference, bibliographic and advisory services, media services and photography.


The center also includes the Information Technology Club to participate in the Human Development Department and contribute to raising the subspecialties and scientific and technical fields of the research body at the institute by providing specialized training to increase medical and scientific services for the members of the research body and their assistants and for the physicians of the institute by holding specialized courses to increase Knowledge and familiarity with modern computer technologies and communicating with the developments of its sciences and qualification to obtain the International Computer Driving License, as well as holding English language proficiency courses to qualify for passing the TOEFL international exams.