Hospital & Economic Unit

The Hospital and Economic Unit of TBRI offer good medical service in diagnosis, treatment and control of endemic diseases including schistosomiasis as well as liver diseases. Also, offer experience and consultation in all institute specialties and participate in personnel training, whether from or outside the institute, on modern scientific and technical methods in order to raise their research and clinical output. 


To provide the best health care service for inpatients as well as outpatients at both medical and surgical levels. In addition, to be a referral center for organ transplantation and central lab services


Hospital Manager


 Dr. Hesham Abdelaziz Elmeligy

Lecturer of General Surgery



Hospital Acting Manager

Dr. Nahed Yehia Ismail

Emirates Prof. of Medical Microbiology



Hospital Acting Manager

Dr. Reham Abdelmonam Mohamed

Assistant Lecturer of Clinical Chemistry



Hospital Acting Manager

Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Elashry

Resident of Hepatogastroenterology



Hospital Acting Manager

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Nouh

Specialist of General Surgery



Hospital Acting Manager

Dr. Wael Raghab Mahmoud

Specialist in the Hospital Management




Former Heads

Prof. Khalda Radwan

Professor of Anesthesiology


Emeritus Prof. Ahmed Abdel Hady

Professor of Pathology

Prof. Emad Essmat

Professor of General  Surgery

Prof. Ahmed Ismail

Professor of Urosurgery


Prof. Ahmed Moustafa

Professor of Urosurgery


Prof. Eman Montaser

Professor of Parasitology


Free of Charge Sector

a. Outpatient clinics including clinics for Cardiology, hepato-Gastroenterology, nephrology, surgery and urology. The medical services offered by these clinics are assisted by the Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Parasitology laboratories as well as the Radiology Department.
b. Inpatient wards comprising 300 beds distributed among the aforementioned clinical specializations.


Economic Sector

a. Outpatient clinics: same as the free of charge sector.
b. Inpatient wards are under renovation.
The medical services prices provided at the economic sector are according to the price list of the Medical Management Organization of the Ministry of Health and Population.

Facilities & Specialities

The facilities of hospital consists of

* Two well-equipped operative theaters that perform:
    -   Laparoscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
  - Minimal invasive urosurgery utilizing ureterorenoscopy, nephroscope and cystoscope (rigid and fibro optic), under fluoroscopic and endo-camera guidance.
*  Intensive Care Unit comprising 7 beds
*  Renal Dialysis Unit equipped with 32 hemodialysis machines
* Endoscopy Unit equipped with upper, lower, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
* Radiology Department with an Ultrasonography Unit (with Doppler U/S), CT scan and interventional radiology.
* Urodynamic, Transrectal U/S, fibro optic cystoscopy and Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Unit.
*  Kidney and Liver Transplant Unit.
*  Blood Bank.
*  Hepatic Coma Resuscitation Unit consisting of 6 beds
*  Infection Control Unit.
*  Quality Control Unit.
*  Medical Records and Statistics Unit.
*  Emergency Unit.
*  Internal Pharmacy.
*  Blood Gas Monitoring with estimation of serum electrolytes.
*  Fluoroscopy guided angio-table with many interventional radiology maneuvers as injection of chemotherapy in liver tumors.